Top Tech Stories of the Week – June 9th, 2019

June 10th, 2019 No comments
  • E3 2019: Microsoft says Xbox Project Scarlett and Halo Infinite coming 2020, xCloud public test this fall – CNET | Link
  • Uber Announces Plans to Deliver Big Macs by Drone This Summer – Bloomberg | Link
  • Elon Musk Confirms YouTube & Video Games Coming to Tesla | HYPEBEAST | Link
  • Amazon quietly shuts down its shopping social network Spark – CNET | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – June 2nd, 2019

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  • NASA Hires 3 Companies for Moon Science Deliveries – The New York Times | Link
  • Science publisher IEEE lifts ban on Huawei reviewers | TechCrunch | Link
  • Amazon Prime expands to offer one-day shipping on more items | Link
  • FedEx Says It’s Ending Express Shipping Service for Amazon | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – April 21st, 2019

April 22nd, 2019 No comments
  • Tesla investigating apparent explosion of parked car in Shanghai | Link
  • NVIDIA is making a desktop mode, possibly for a new 2-in-1 SHIELD tablet | Link
  • Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Hardware Startup Ledger – CoinDesk | Link
  • Amazon plans to make one-day free shipping Prime’s new default – SlashGear | Link
  • Samsung asks iFixit to take down Galaxy Fold teardown – SlashGear | Link
  • Marriott plans to take on Airbnb with its own home-rental service | Link
  • NASA was sold faulty aluminum in 19-year scam – CNET | Link
  • Tesla Model 3 Hits The UK In June, Starting At £39,850 — Crushes BMW “Equivalent” On Price & TCO | CleanTechnica | Link
  • Uber sued for ‘hundreds of millions’ in Australian class action | Link
  • Google’s Next Big Money Maker Could Be the Maps on Your Phone – Bloomberg | Link
  • Smart backpack creator uses crowdfunded money to buy BTC, FTC sues | Chepicap | Link
  • Windows 10 will get a built-in Linux kernel this summer | Link
  • Amazon is backing Uber Eats rival Deliveroo in the UK | Link
  • Sony, Microsoft Join Forces in Cloud Gaming and AI – ExtremeTech | Link
  • U.S. Tech Suppliers, Including Google, Restrict Dealings With Huawei After Trump Order – The New York Times | Link
  • Sony Announces New Film and TV Division, PlayStation Productions | Mammoth Gamers | Link
  • Now it’s easy to order food in Google Assistant, Search and Maps | Link
  • Huawei can’t use microSD cards in its smartphones w/ ban – 9to5Google | Link
  • Subway riders can use IPhone, Apple Watch in New York to pay fares | Link
  • SpaceX satellites pose new headache for astronomers | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – April 14th, 2019

April 17th, 2019 No comments
  • Apple and Qualcomm End Their Legal Beef and Drop Lawsuits | WIRED | Link
  • New Mueller Report Injustice: The DOJ is Delivering it Via CD | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – April 7th, 2019

April 7th, 2019 No comments
  • Amazon Swipes Westworld Creators In Another Bid for TV Dominance | Vanity Fair | Link
  • Elon Musk Explains the Camera on the Tesla Model 3 Rear-View Mirror | Digital Trends | Link
  • EU publishes guidelines on ethical artificial intelligence | Financial Times | Link
  • Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk Range Includes a Speaker That’s a Lamp | WIRED | Link
  • Microsoft Finally Admit You Don’t Really Need To ‘Safely Remove’ USB Flash Drives Anymore | Link
  • Google Cloud Platform launches Cloud Run, aims to bring enterprise workloads to serverless, Kubernetes | ZDNet | Link
  • Warner Bros: Yes, We’re Aware Trump Ripped Off the Dark Knight Rises OST, No, He’s Not Allowed to Do That | Link
  • Google’s delivery drones get the green light in Australia | Link
  • White nationalism hearing features Facebook and Google – CNN | Link
  • First-ever black hole image: Scientists revel in breakthrough by Event Horizon Telescope project | Euronews | Link
  • YouTube TV gets some new channels and a hefty price hike | TechCrunch | Link
  • Amazon Employees Call for a Company-Wide Climate Change Plan | Link
  • NASA wants to develop self-healing spacesuits, Venus landers and spider probes – CNET | Link
  • Netflix to Publish Magazine as It Chases Hollywood Awards – Bloomberg | Link
  • Dubai resident files complaint over inability to reach next level of video game | Link
  • WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested and dragged out of embassy after US extradition request | Euronews | Link
  • SpaceX livestream Falcon Heavy’s first commercial mission – Business Insider | Link
  • Tesla Ends Online Sales of $35,000 Model 3, Creating New Hurdle for Buyers – The New York Times | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 31st, 2019

April 1st, 2019 No comments
  • Saudis hacked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s phone, says company’s security adviser | Technology | The Guardian | Link
  • Mark Zuckerberg asks governments to help control internet content – BBC News | Link
  • Is this what human colonies will look like on Mars? NASA announces finalists in habitat competition | Daily Mail Online | Link
  • NASA: India’s space missile test threatened International Space Station | Link
  • Tesla stock falls 10% after reporting its biggest sales drop in its history – CNN | Link
  • Amazon joins SpaceX, OneWeb and Facebook in the race to create space-based internet services | TechCrunch | Link
  • Google dissolves controversial AI ethics board – 9to5Google | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 24th, 2019

March 25th, 2019 No comments
  • Apple unveils new credit-card: the Apple Card | Link
  • Apple announces Arcade, its new game streaming subscription service | Link
  • Apple announces news subscription service, Apple News Plus | Link
  • Apple unveils TV+ video streaming service to rival Netflix and Amazon | Link
  • Doom Eternal and Rage 2 still headed to Steam despite | TechRadar | Link
  • Uber buys rival Careem in $3.1bln deal to dominate ride-hailing in Middle East | ZAWYA MENA Edition | Link
  • Goldman Sachs hints that Apple Card will be rolled out internationally (over time) | Link
  • US Marines Successfully Test Disposable Delivery Drones | Ubergizmo | Link
  • EA Lays Off 350 Employees in Marketing, Publishing, and Operations – IGN | Link
  • Microsoft exec bans company from pulling any dumb April Fools’ pranks | Ars Technica | Link
  • Lyft Rises 9% on First Day, Stock Valued at $26.5 Billion | Fortune | Link
  • Apple cancels AirPower product, citing inability to meet its high standards for hardware | TechCrunch | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 17th, 2019

March 18th, 2019 No comments
  • Android game development site goes live ahead of Google’s GDC talk – SlashGear | Link
  • Google expected to announce Yeti gaming console, streaming service | Link
  • Apple updates $499 iPad Air, $399 iPad mini ahead of services event next week | Ars Technica | Link
  • Nvidia Announces Jetson Nano Dev Kit & Board: X1 for $99 | Link
  • Google announces Stadia, its streaming game platform, in an effort to upend the $140 billion video game industry | Link
  • Facebook says only 4,000 users viewed original NZ shooter livestream | Link
  • Nvidia Debuts Toolkit to Push Game Developers Toward Ray Tracing | Link
  • Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years — Krebs on Security | Link
  • Internet TV Service Overtakes Cable TV for First Time Ever | Fortune | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 10th, 2019

March 11th, 2019 No comments
  • Google Gaming Console Controller Surfaces in Newly Discovered Patent | Digital Trends | Link
  • Nvidia to make largest acquisition in its history with $6.9 billion deal for Mellanox – MarketWatch | Link
  • US warns Germany that using Huawei tech will come at a cost – CNNPolitics | Link
  • F5 Ups Its Container and Open Source Game With $670M Nginx Deal | Data Center Knowledge | Link
  • News | Opportunity’s Parting Shot Was a Beautiful Panorama | Link
  • Google GDC dev sessions include Ubisoft, id Software, Amy Hennig, more | Link
  • Gearbest’s unprotected databases leave millions of users at risk | Link
  • Facebook live shooting video has social media companies scrambling – CNN | Link
  • Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere | TechRadar | Link

Panorama Mars’ Opportunity sent back before it was blanketed in dust

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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 3rd, 2019

March 3rd, 2019 No comments
  • Feds investigate why a Tesla crashed into a truck Friday, killing driver | Ars Technica | Link
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency shares a video of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft touched down on asteroid Ryugu to collect samples for scientists back home | Link
  • Google’s Edge TPU Machine Learning Chip Debuts in Raspberry Pi-Like Dev Board | Link
  • Amazon to close all of its 87 pop-up stores in the US beginning in April | Link
  • China’s Huawei sues the US, claiming it shouldn’t be blocked from selling to federal government | Link
  • NASA captures ‘first’ images of supersonic shockwaves colliding in flight | Link
  • Airbnb Gobbles Up Last-Minute Booking Service HotelTonight | Link
  • Tesla Investors Are Suing Over Elon Musk’s Bad Tweets | Link
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