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Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 is out

February 29th, 2008 No comments

Adobe has announced the availability of Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 for public. With the release of AIR runtime, web technologies has now moved ahead one big step out of the browser into users desktop. Now you can deploy web technologies such as Flash and Ajax into desktop environment that runs across operating systems.

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Adobe has also launched Open Source Site, and according to Adobe “This site presents the definitive view into open source activities at Adobe, including details regarding projects that Adobe participates in and hosts”.

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And a great news at least for me, if you are a student or a faculty employment you can get a free version of Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro here.

Video: The Great Trafalgar Square Freeze

February 28th, 2008 No comments

It happens every year in London…

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Leap Year

February 28th, 2008 No comments

Nothing special. I just want to point out that there is 29th in February this year because it is a leap year dudes! So tomorrow will be 29th of February. If your birthday is on 29th, I really feel sorry for you, although celebrating birthday is not a big deal!

Do I make sense you ask?
Well, probably no!

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Video: Barack Obama – Computer Science Question

February 28th, 2008 No comments

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Google says ISP glitch exposes Gmail data in Kuwait

February 25th, 2008 No comments

Some people in Kuwait are complaining about Fasttelco‘s security issues where some users are logging into different account. It started with a forum post that a user is experiencing some problem with his gmail account and logging on different account. That user was able to see other’s information and read his email. Google says that they are now working with Fasttelco to solve this problem.

However, it seems that the problem extended even more and reports are coming that the same problem is happening with Facebook and hotmail. A caching problem in Fasttelco is causing this glitch as the report says.

Fasttelco is one of the few ISPs in Kuwait and was established in 2000. More information about Fasttelco can be found here.


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February 25th, 2008 No comments

Good web developer takes care of as much as possible of users browsing there web site whatever OS or web browser they are using. A good tool to do that is Browsershots that gives you a screenshot of many browsers and different version of every browser.

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Dojo Tutorials

February 20th, 2008 No comments

I found this great source of tutorials for anyone who’d like to learn a new JavaScript and Ajax framework. RoseIndia has a whole section in its web site just for Dojo Tutorial. A great free way to learn Ajax with step by step tutorials but you must have some knowledge in using JavaScript.

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Video: Life At Microsoft

February 18th, 2008 No comments

This is a good one!

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Video: Facebook Song

February 18th, 2008 No comments

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Scott Hanselman's Home

February 15th, 2008 No comments

I have been listening to Scott Hanselman‘s podcast for long time and it’s really very informative for geeks. Anyway, Channel 10 decided to wander around Scott’s home and see what geeks can do to make life more techie and easy. I like this video maybe because we are building a house now and I’m gonna make it state of the art smart home. Lemme tell you that my home will be far smarter!

Show Us Your Home: Scott Hanselman Edition

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