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Top Tech Stories of the Week – October 28th, 2018

October 29th, 2018 No comments
  • IBM strikes deal to buy Red Hat for $34 billion – Business Insider | Link
  • China’s private satellite-carrying rocket fails after launch | Link
  • OnePlus plans on launching the first 5G phone in Europe in 2019 | Android Central | Link
  • Kepler planet-hunter retires – Space – EarthSky | Link
  • Climate change: Oceans ‘soaking up more heat than estimated’ – BBC News | Link
  • Rouyu Technology will go down in history as the company that was able to beat both Samsung and Huawei when it comes to unveiling the first foldable smartphone in the world – BGR | Link
  • The PlayStation Brand Just Leveled Up With This High-End Furniture Brand | Link
  • Project Fi may get rebranded to Google Fi – Android and Me | Link
  • Intel CPUs fall to new hyperthreading exploit that pilfers crypto keys – Ars Technica | Link
  • New Amazon Day shipping option lets you pick the day you get deliveries – CNET | Link
  • Amazon HQ2: Advanced talks about second headquarters in Northern Virginia – The Washington Post | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – October 21st, 2018

October 23rd, 2018 No comments
  • HTC launches its blockchain-focused phone, but you can only buy it in cryptocurrency – CNBC | Link
  • Dyson chooses Singapore for new electric car plant – BBC News | Link
  • NASA brings a Hubble gyro back to life after a seven-year hibernation – Ars Technica | Link
  • Google Play Movies upgrades SD/HD purchases to 4K for free – 9to5Google | Link
  • Intel denies report claiming that it “killed off” its 10-nm process – The Tech Report | Link
  • Amazon joins $50 million investment in European Nest rival Tado | VentureBeat | Link
  • Single-use plastics ban approved by European Parliament – BBC News | Link
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider debuts with 6.4” screen, four cameras and 5G version – news| Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – October 14th, 2018

October 16th, 2018 No comments
  • Amazon Web Services launches two Edge locations in UAE – | Link
  • Premiere Rush CC is Adobe’s new all-in-one video editing tool for desktop and mobile – TechCrunch | Link
  • Google imposes Android app fees after huge Euro antitrust ruling – SlashGear | Link
  • Netflix warns EU’s streaming content quota may hurt creativity – SlashGear | Link
  • EBay Sues Amazon for Illegally Poaching Sellers – Fortune | Link
  • YouTube Miniplayer rolling out for web Picture-in-Picture – 9to5Google | Link
  • Google to charge Android OEMs as much as $40 per phone in EU – Ars Technica | Link
  • YouTube TV apologizes for outage, offers one-week credit to all subscribers | Link
  • EU Commission approves Microsoft’s acquisition of Github – Reuters | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – October 7th, 2018

October 8th, 2018 No comments
  • SpaceX stages California launch — and landing — in a new first – CBS News | Link
  • Amazon is reportedly looking for retail space for its first UK cashierless supermarkets | Link
  • Data-deletion bug forces Microsoft to suspend rollout of Windows 10 update – Ars Technica | Link
  • Microsoft announces game-streaming service Project xCloud • | Link
  • A first look at Facebook’s Portal smart speakers: Entertaining video calling, but weak streaming content – CSBC| Link
  • Intel Announces 9th Generation Core CPUs, Eight-Core Core i9-9900K | Link
  • Netflix Is in ‘Final Negotiations’ to Buy Its First Production Studio – IGN | Link
  • Google just dodged a £4.4 billion lawsuit in the United Kingdom | Android Central | Link
  • Google announces the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL | Link
  • Snap falls to new low after media analyst says company is ‘quickly running out of money’ | Link
  • Google Home Hub—Under the hood, it’s nothing like other Google smart displays – Ars Technica | Link
  • Razer Phone 2 goes official w/ wireless charging, IP67, brighter display, costs $799 | Link
  • Snapchat becomes the mobile HBO with 12 daily scripted Original shows – TechCrunch | Link
  • Russian Rocket Fails, and 2 Astronauts Make Safe Emergency Return – The New York Times | Link
  • Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women | Reuters
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