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2007 in Review – Part 11

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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Okay I promise this one is going to be the last one.

Happy Holiday

This post is supposed to be about politics and the world we live in. In fact, I have already written this post 2 days ago but I had my mind changed so I deleted it and I’m now rewriting it in just one paragraph.

It’s too hard to speak of all the sadness going around us in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechen, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, and all the bombing and terrorist attack all over the world. We are fed up of all the lies and deceptions from the Whitehouse and it’s making people all over the world raging. The misuse of military and economic power is not going to last forever, all this evilness will not last for long. So let’s hope and pray for a better future and better climate to stop this maniac consumption of Earth while we watch it bleeding and do nothing! I ask all people around the globe, especially the first world countries, to pressure their governments to at least join the Kyoto Convention.

Since it’s Christmas eve, I’ll end this long 11 parts topic with a video I saw in Keyframer blog:

We wish you a merry Christmas… we wish you a merry Christmas… we wish you a merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oh god this song has been stuck in my head for days now including “Santa Claus is coming to town” lol!

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2007 in Review – Part 10

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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Best Blog

I’m registered to hundreds of RSS feeds from many blogs. The blogosphere is expanding and more blogs are showing up daily. However, I usually read IT and Tech blogs, therefore, I’m gonna select the best blog of them all… Aral Balkan’s blog. I had fun reading his blog and I really wish him best of luck with his SWX project.

Best Poddy Cast

I always check for any updates for a several podcast I watch or listen. Hansel Minutes is really informative podcast with all the programming related shows I love it so much, and also is one of the best video casts out there for computer gadgets nerds. In addition, PHP Abstract is a nice to listen to podcast for PHP developers. I really love to listen to Hansel Minutes and I enjoy it most of the time so I’m going to select it as the best podcast of the year!

Best Anime

Gundam? Bleach? Death Note? No, it goes to Romeo x Juliet. Shakespeare’s love and drama story turned into animation. The combination of love, sad, war, poor, and commitment all together in an innovative way to create a fantastic story. This story truly deserves our attention…

Funniest Website I don’t know about the rest of you but I see it’s a funny website because if you are using Internet Explorer, there is a warning message at the top: “Warning: You are using Internet Explorer”. LOL I’m really silly!

Warning using IE!

Best Video

Funnies video is the BBC news error. They interviewed a Taxi driver rather than an IT expert. The funniest of all is that the Taxi driver managed to give good answers!!!!!!!

But the best video goes to “Here Comes Another Bubble – The Richter Scales”!

If you like the last video, you might like this one and this too.

Next… Part 11 the last part.. I swear!

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SWX Contest Winners Announced

December 24th, 2007 No comments

The winner of Aral Balkan‘s SWX contest has been announced few hours ago. For more information check out SWX blog.

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2007 in Review – Part 9

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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Best Game

Games… Played loads of games through the year, PS3/2 and PC, and #1 goes to Supreme Commander! Hail O’mighty warriors of King Saleh, the chief commander of the Human army! Here’s a picture of some of the games I have been playing in 2007:


Games 2
Click on the pictures to enlarge it.

However, if you read my previous post about FFXI, you’ll notice that I have been playing Final Fantasy XI Online since late 2003. It’s an addicted online game where you can have your own avatar/character online. Nowadays I’m starting to raise a chocobo!

FFXI boxes

There is odd gadget in that picture… the lights in top of the boxes. The lights react when there is sound or noise and its fun to use when the room is in dark. I bought it from UK few years ago from Electronic Boutique in Sunderland! It’s one of my favorite games shop. If I’m not mistaken, I think I bought it for 5 pounds.


That’s me! A picture taken few days ago. Trees are decorated as you can see in the background because we are celebrating the Starlight festival. It’s something similar to Christmas.

To come… Part 10

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2007 in Review – Part 8

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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Best Movie

Lots of great movies released this year such as Eragon, Transformers, Pirates of The Caribbean At World’s End, Spiderman 3, 300, Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix, The Golden Compass, National Treasure Book of Secrets, and many others. But I have to select only one for the best movie and it goes to Pirates of The Caribbean 3. Eh captain Jack Sparrow, savvy? Of course, it depends on my own taste of movies. Doesn’t it you evil Davy Johns! I won’t let you take my heart and keep it inside your stupid locker!

Best series is hard to select, I love both LOST and Prison Break. I still haven’t seen season 3 of Prison Break because it is still airing. I think I’ll select LOST as the best series. Of course, there are other good series such as Seinfeld, Less Than Perfect, According to Jim, 24, ER, Band of Brothers, Taken, Friends, and Grounded for Life, Monk, 8 Simple Rules, and many others. But they are all old series or there is no season released in 2007.

Upcoming… part 9

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2007 in Review – Part 7

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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Best Tech Release of the Year

Definitely with no hesitation at all, iPhone is the top release of the year. If you never heard of iPhone I can only imagine the amount of beer you have been drinking through the whole year. Too much attention this sexy phone got and I’m sure Steve Jobs is really happy with the result as it is now half way through the goal Steve has set which is selling 10 million pieces. Of course, it is not the best phone in the market as it lacks many features such as MMS and 3G technology not to mention the stupid camera quality, but the usability and ease of use it provides breaks all expectations and slaps all disadvantages it has. I wonder of James Bond will use iPhone on his next movie?! That would be awesome!

2007’s highest growing search term is iPhone as Google reported lately!
Help freeing the iPhone by watching this video:

Soon part 8!

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Video: ACM 2007 – Behind the Scenes

December 24th, 2007 No comments

Interesting video… See what happened behind the scene just before ACM ICPC 2007.

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2007 in Review – Part 6

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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My year’s top books

It has been a busy year, college homeworks are really getting annoying and our instructors are pushing us hard with all the works they are packing all over us. However, I manage to read some books both in Arabic or English. I’m going to talk only about English books here.

Hmmm, technical or fantasy books or …?! Let’s just keep it technical and IT books. My number #1 book of the year goes to… The Principle of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird. I have been designing web sites for long time, this book made me realize many web design concepts I never really paid attention to or not even think about it. It is fun (at least for me) to read this book and I really recommend it for every web developer out there.

I’m going to put a shot of one of the shelves I have to make the post looks better lol!

Books 1

And I guess another one makes it durable!

Books 2

Next.. Part 7

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2007 in Review – Part 5

December 24th, 2007 No comments

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My year’s top gadgets

I never really bought much computer gadget as I did in 2007. Hell, in December alone I spent over $300 on computer gadgets. I’m going to talk about SOME of the computer gadgets I was able to collect in 2007!

First of all, here is a picture of my laptop setting just next to my desktop PC. It is an Asus A8Js and you won’t find it in Kuwait because I searched it everywhere and couldn’t find it so I decided to buy it overseas.
Click on the picture to see a large size.

That’s my 3rd laptop and my first laptop I bought it from UK about 9 years ago. I think its from somewhere in Newcastle. I won’t show it to you because it is ugly and broken.

I’ll start off with my Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick which I’m really happy with it. The control is really excellent and comfortable as well as its weight and size. Easy to access buttons and fast respond (at least for me). I mainly use it for Flight Simulator X and X3: Reunion games. I’ll give this joystick 8/10…

Click on the picture to see a large size.

Keyboard has been an essential component even for my laptop. I have been using wireless keyboards since few years back when I went to Canada and bought my first Wireless Creative keyboard from Best Buy, Eaton Centre in Toronto, for freaking sake $150 (now it’s broken). This year alone I have bought several keyboards and I’m thinking to buy the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave for my Desktop, I saw it in Best Buy the other day. Currently, the best keyboard of the year is my dear Logitech Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser (with mouse) which I usually connect it to my laptop. It is a Split-key which seems to be very comfortable for fast typing without looking in the keyboard. I’ll give it 9/10…

Keyboard small
Click on the picture to see a large size.

I have also bought several sound cards and speakers/headphones for my laptop and desktop PC. I do not use anything less than 5.1 for speakers anymore and I own a Creative Inspire P5800 5.1 speaker which was bought at the beginning of the year and I’m glad I did. And of course I had to buy a sound card for my desktop and another for my laptop to provide high quality sound in both machine which are X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook and Live! 24-bit External, both from Creative. But for 2007 I give my Logitech Digital Precision PC Gaming Headset as the best owned speakers/headphones of the year and its in the upper right corner of next picture. Hmmm, superb sound quality for gaming or any use and it includes a USB input or you can use the normal 3.5mm analog connector. It has a unique design that allows air to flow into your ears to feel cushioned and comfortable… 9/10 should do it.

Sound and related gadgets small
Click on the picture to see a large size.

There are many other gadgets I’d like to share, but the post will really get long and boring. So let’s end the gadgets part here.

Coming next… part 6

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Yamli – A New Arabic Search Engine For English Letters

December 24th, 2007 5 comments

Having trouble typing Arabic letters? You’re keyboard has no Arabic print letters? Well here’s a solution… Yamli! It’s a new Arabic search engine but unlike other search engines, you can use english letters to write Arabic words. I’m not good in using numbers to type Arabic words, but you can do that here!


Yamli, in Arabic “يملي”, comes from the noun “إملاء” which refers to dictation or transcription of spoken text.

Using Yamli is very easy. Simply spell out each Arabic word the way you would pronounce it, and Yamli will convert it to the corresponding Arabic word using its patent pending technology.

You can also use common shortcut characters. For example “3” for “ع”, “2” for “Ø¡”, “7” for “Ø­”, etc …

You can also search news, images, videos, blogs, and even wikipedia for Arabic words using English letters and numbers. There is a great tour shows how to use the engine in details.

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