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Novel Attempt #1: Another Ordinary Day

July 9th, 2012 No comments

This is attempt number 1 on writing a story:

No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny nor glimpse his part of the great story that is about to unfold. A hard worker that is about to take part of a great history that will change the fate of Esio. He lives an ordinary life but he had no idea that everything is going to change… That young man is Alanis son of Guida, but he is known by the name of Alan among the people who knows him.

As Alanis’s mother says: “He owns his property, but can he manage it himself?!” He had an issue on managing his own firm, the Zulu Farms. See, the firm has lots of farms scattered all around the Thurain Rim which is basically the kingdom’s western border as the town is located in the farthest west side of the Kindom of Ijulia. And each farm is huge and being managed by a farm manager. Those managers sometimes lose interest of going by the company’s rules and so the corruption has lingered through the company’s top staffs. So not long ago, he let his brother Judiah to grasp the top management of the firm on his stead for his good managerial experience.

Alanis was a thin brunette man and short, but not very. He had lived a normal life just like anyone else. Known to be kind and compassionate, however, he does have few friends. He spends his time in the town’s library and visits his farms regularly.

Alanis live in a small simple home in the middle of Avgil Street next to their favorite tavern, the Glossip Inn. Most of their money goes to charity work and some of it goes to savings and contribution in building their town.

One morning sat Alanis and Judiah eating crumpets with tea on a rounded wooden table by a large window next to them sending some morning sun rays into the small kitchen of theirs. “It seems that we are advancing in our northern front,” says Alanis one day while having his breakfast with his brother, “Even though we have lost Numenion village last week, but it looks like we will get it back soon!”. “Not likely,” grimed Judiah after a while. “We might have the will to defend our kingdom, but certainly we don’t have the manpower to beat our enemy. All we can hope is that we can score up enough losses from those filthy orcs to stop them from advancing… or maybe even do enough damage to them so they’ll somehow stop the war. Having faith on our army is all what we can do right now.”

“Anyhow, I don’t think they will be able to go further than they have already done. The narrow hollow between Mount Kazham and Mount Rogan is well defended” says Judiah as he holds a tomato that is just about to be eaten. “Not to mention that the whole Durian passage is covered by archers and trebuchets in which were lately mounted on the sides of both mountains. It will bleed the orcs army if they dared to cross the passage!”

After a long conversation, Judiah went to his work like every morning and Alanis decided to go and check the host of refugees who came from the lost village. He went upstairs to his bedroom which was just beside his brother’s bedroom. He picked up his green jacket from his dress cabinet and went out. He noticed his neighbor Mr. Shabby as he shuts the door.

“Good morning Mr. Alanis. It is a lovely day” Says Mr. Shabby. “Yes it is. Spring indeed and I hope it lasts longer than usual.”

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Short Story – The Reprieve of All Evilness

September 12th, 2009 2 comments

There was once a young warrior called Anrier standing still and firmly in the front rank of the army. The rain was dropping hard that clinking was everything he can hark from distance… waiting… and waiting patiently. He was surrounded on his left and right by men of old age wearing ragged cloths under their light armor. He saw the dreadful look in their shrunken faces and the agony glimmering from their eyes.


After hours of waiting for the battle to come in the midst of an army of farmers and villagers watching the horizon in vigilance, he spied out a spark of fire over distance of hazy and rainy climate. He yawned and starred back at the spark then at an instance tens of torches are starting to glimmer. As he stirred to shout, the captain lifted the blade and gave a great cry.


Men of Ijulia, warriors of the free world of Esio…

Arise, arise.

Today we embark upon a mighty battle.

Ominous fate awaits us.

Swords shall be crossed. Blood shall be spilled.

Honor yourselves.

Knights and warriors of Ijulia.


As these words were being cried out, the enemy army loomed in the horizon. At that moment, a lightning erected from the sky and the enemy’s army was beyond imagination. Enormous number of orcs were sighted, strong and violent in heavy armor. In a second, he thought of what peril he brought to himself fighting in a losing battle. He thought of his home, a small cottage in the outskirts of Numenion village. How beautiful days of summer were, the enjoyment of polishing his farming tools, the delicious porridge for dinner, the sight of the wood at dawn, the sound of twittering in early morning of spring, the slosh of water as he throw pebbles into the river, the sound of his father calling him, the smell of his mother’s cook, and the sight of his sister dancing in her ball gown. Suddenly he snaps back into reality.


Warriors, we march now!

For God, King and Ijulia.


A blast of horn has sounded. The men have started to move forward, leaded by the captain and his banner-bearer. Anrier took a grip of his sword which was still in the sheath, lifted it high by his left hand,  covered with a scarlet gauntlet. The pace has quickened and men were crying from all over and the sound of swords drawn was dense.  Arrows were falling asunder and many men were falling dead or wounded around him and one arrow blew close to his head. At a close distance to the enemy he held his sword with both hands, raised it up high as his hands leveled with his forehead, shimmering by moonlight reflection.


Anrier stroke the first orc into the neck and continue running deeper to catch sight of a huge orc. He stroke but the orc was ready and the sword clanged with the orc’s shield. The ugly orc winced then scarcely the orc stroke with the axe on his other hand but failed to hit Anrier due to his fast reaction, suddenly he felt a sudden punch into his face by the orc’s shield and it was strong enough to drop him back few foots away. Dazed and dazzled searching for his sword by the palm of his hands without any delay he stood up as soon as he grabbed his sword and swerved to break the next attack and quickly pierced the orc into his belly and fell dead instantaneously.


Momentarily, he felt heavy weighted mass piercing through his chest and the sound of the bone shatter. He looked down and saw a spear off his chest and blood begins to rush. He stood still, shivering and suffering from immense pain, then drifting into his own imagination of his family’s current condition, and went into a complete blankness.