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Mini-Project: Power Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor From Wall Power

If you’re a heavy smart home user, you might find that  you change batteries regularly for your motion sensors and remote devices. Sometimes changing it too often which costs a lot of money and it’s a lot to deal with. It uses the CR2477 battery which is hard to come by and if you find one, it’s expensive for what it provides.  So I decided connect the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor (F-IRM-US-2) to the household electricity. Just FYI this motion sensor is located at the dressing room to turn on the lights when there’s motion in the room, and then turns the light off when there’s no motion.

So the RC2477 battery provides 3V power to the sensor, so I started looking for a 3V wall power socket and I found this. You can get any wall power socket as long as it provides 3V of DC current for your device. I’m not worried about the current as they’ll always provide more than what I need. In fact, in the future I’m planning to use that same socket for second motion sensor using a 3-Way connector.

Now I need a low-profile way to connect the wires to the motion sensor and I know exactly where I can get it. I got this flat wire from SuperBrightLEDs. I also need two connectors, one to connect the wire to the wall socket, and a pigtail connector to connect the wire to the motion sensor at the other end. For the wall socket connector make sure you get the correct size of the barrel bullet, 5.5×2.1mm in my case.

I’ve ended up gluing the motion sensor to the pigtail connector using a hot glue gun. I’ve decided not to solder just in case I needed to go back using the battery in the future. Just make sure you’re using the right polarity (+ve, -ve) when connecting the wires.

This project was completed six months ago, and since then I’ve been using the motion sensor that way with zero problems.

Motion Sensor Positioning

This is where my motion sensor is located


Flat wires barely visible


Wires glued to the motion sensor

Wires glued to the motion sensor


SuperBrightLEDs Pigtail Connector

Pigtail Connector

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