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Silverlight 1.1 is now Silveright 2.0

All the hype and rumors surrounding Microsoft Silverlight in last few days has now come to an end. Microsoft announced that SilverLight 1.1 will be now named SilverLight 2.0. The second installment of SilverLight (Microsoft’s-damn-freaking-way-to-monopolize-the-market) will support C# and Visual Basic of the .NET Framework which is a big plus. That’s a big move from Microsoft to beat down Adobe Flash.

Silverlight 2.0 is still in the development process and will take time to be out in public but the alpha release is out. Many firms and businesses are adopting Silverlight (instead of Flash) for their web applications due . But Flash still dominates the World-Wide-Web with a penetration over 93% for Flash Player 9 and over 99% for previous versions.

The battle between Adobe and Microsoft is still going and Microsoft is catching Adobe fast. If Adobe doesn’t do something fast they could lose this war. Oh god, I can feel the tension between Bruce Chizen and Steve… not that Steve, I meant Steve Ballmer. I don’t expect any gracefulness from anyone of them to the other, but I expect them to speed up the RIA (Rich Internet Application) development process and start working on getting rid of bugs been out there for years!

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