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Top Tech Stories of the Week – January 27th, 2019

  • Pi on a Stick: Raspberry Pi Launches SODIMM-Sized Compute Module 3+ | Link
  • NASA is sending a desperate message to wake up Opportunity on Mars – BGR | Link
  • Three Major February PC Releases Are Not Coming To Steam – GameSpot | Link
  • NASA Probe Snaps 1st Photos from Just a Mile Above Asteroid Bennu and the View’s AMAZING! | Link
  • Apple’s streaming video service could launch by mid-April, report says | Link
  • NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snaps a Selfie Before Its Next Mars Journey – Geek.com | Link
  • Facebook confirms plans to merge Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram messages | Link
  • Facebook soars after it crushes earnings, posts record profit | Link
  • Teslas, EVs struggle in the polar vortex | Link
  • Hubble Telescope Discovers ‘Living Fossil’ Galaxy in Our Milky Way’s Backyard | Link
  • Energizer is bringing two phones with pop-up cameras to MWC | Link
  • A meteorite may have struck western Cuba, National Weather Service says – CNN | Link
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