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15+ ActionScript Code Resources

Thanks to Flex RIA United, they posted actionscript resources websites on their blog.

Here is their list:

Action Script Library – A collection of code snippets for use with ActionScript.

ActionScript.org Library – A collection of over 700 scripts for you to use, a large selection of tutorials and more.

Actionscript Physics Engine – A free 2D physics engine for Actionscript 3 from MIT.

ActionStep.org – An ActionScript 2.0 open source component framework for writing to the Flash player.

Animation Package – An ActionScript library (Flash player 6 and above) with a focus on keeping file sizes down.

AS2lib.org – The AS2 library open source framework to work with Actionscript 2.

AS2Unit.org – An Actionscript 2 testing framework that lets you run repeatable tests on your classes.

Flalog.com – Tips, tricks, and tutorials for Flash and ActionScript.

FlashKit.com – Code snippets, reviews, links, over 1,000 tutorials.

Flashtica.com – A designer-oriented site with open source scripts and links to lots of resources.

GoToAndLearn.com – A site with very in-depth video tutorials on various aspects of Flash.

Jim’s Flash Bestiary – A collection of small Flash movies with accompanying source code to learn from.

Kirupa.com Tutorials – An extensive collection of tutorials on just about every conceivable aspect of Flash.

OneFlex.org Codes – A site for people to post and share code snippets for ActionScript and MXML.

OSFlash.org – A home for open source Flash projects that any registered member can contribute to.

Smart Webby Flash Tutorials – A collection of tutorials for Flash for beginner to advanced developers.

TutorialOutpost Flash Lessons – A huge collection of tutorials on many aspects of the Flash program.

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