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Top Tech Stories of the Week – January 28th, 2024

January 28th, 2024 No comments
  • Japan’s SLIM lunar spacecraft landed upside down on the moon – Engadget | Link
  • Apple is finally letting developers release game streaming services on the App Store – TechRadar | Link
  • Fossil is quitting smartwatches – The Verge | Link
  • Google will no longer back up the Internet: Cached webpages are dead |- Ars Technica | Link
  • FTC accuses Microsoft of misrepresenting its Activision Blizzard plans after layoffs | Link
  • Google rebrands its Bard AI chatbot as Gemini, which now has its own Android app – Engadget | Link
  • Moon mission: Intuitive Machines is about to launch its Odysseus spacecraft – New Scientist | Link
  • U.S. Government Forms Groundbreaking AI Safety Consortium to Address Mounting Risks – The Tech Report | Link
  • Broadcom-owned VMware kills the free version of ESXi virtualization software – Ars Technica | Link
  • OpenAI unveils Sora, its latest AI tool that can make instant videos from written commands – Euronews | Link
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Top Tech Stories of the Week – January 21st, 2024

January 22nd, 2024 No comments
  • NASA says it’s reestablished contact with the Ingenuity Mars helicopter – Engadget | Link
  • UAE to provide airlock for NASA’s moon-orbiting Gateway space station – Space | Link
  • Not dead yet: Japan prepares for possible recovery of SLIM moon lander – Space | Link
  • Microsoft is now a $3 trillion company – The Verge | Link
  • NASA finally opens OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample canister after freeing stuck lid – Space | Link

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Top Tech Stories of the Week – January 7th, 2024

January 11th, 2024 No comments
  • OpenAI debuts GPT Store, new business tier after leadership fracas – CNBC | Link
  • Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Apple’s Appeal In Antitrust Trial – Tech Report | Link
  • Google CEO says more layoffs expected ‘throughout the year’ in internal memo – Engadget | Link
  • Apple offers EU set of pledges aimed at settling Apple Pay antitrust probe | TechCrunch | Link
  • Japan becomes the fifth nation to land a spacecraft on the Moon – Ars Technica | Link

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