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2007 in Review – Part 3

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The Social Web Gurus

Social websites have grown up very fast upon the beginning of the year 2007 and still growing at rapid speed. As another year draws to close, it is time to look back and see what have been taking in the web. The web was the top reflection of the tech news as social networks are getting bigger and hotter. Facebook now worth 15 billion? No (He means it worth more) according to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. MySpace is now crying as it growth slows down in at the expense of Facebook growth. It’s hard to anticipate what will happen in 2008 regarding social networks, but I can say that the buzzword web 2.0 will no longer be used. We don’t even hear the buzzword web 3.0 anymore because no one cares.

web 2.0

Microsoft SilverLight (so-called Flash Killer) has gone out of beta and Adobe Flash/Flex engineers are feeling the pressure of the competition. In addition, the introduction of JavaFX by SUN to compete on creating Rich Internet Applications is starting to buzz out Microsoft and Adobe. The battle of RIAs technologies has started already, more heat will be drawn in 2008 and I expect more RIA tools will be introduced. However, I think Ajax popularity will remain the same.

More web services and mash ups are being available for web developers and Google is taking the upper hand in providing APIs as it marches towards world domination with the release of more APIs at astonishing rate. Social networks expanded their list of APIs. In addition, developers, in 2008, might actually adopt Microformat concept and then the web can be more semantic.

It’s like bubble of late 90s and early 2000 all over again. I think soon there will be no domain names left to take! Unless companies, for some reason, want to take weird names such as: hitMeHard.com! Actually that name is also taken by buyDomains.com!!!!

I’m gonna end this part with an interesting video I found in DILigence blog:

Stay tuned for Part 4 to part 11…

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