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Drupal WYSIWYG Text Editors

If you are a web developer you’ll know how important WYSIWYG text editors for anyone’s website. Usually based on JavaScript — call it Ajax or DHTML it doesn’t matter — you can have a text box in where the user enter whatever to submit and he/she can edit the font color and style, add pictures, and insert a link without writing the HTML code for it. In addition, you can see what you did in real time just like word processing program! This technique is ‘kinda’ old but these WYSIWYG is getting more complex lately. The UI of WYSIWYG is much better now than how it used to look like few years back.

Deziner Folio published a new article that shows a variety of WYSIWYG applications for Drupal CMS.

P.S: WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get.
UI = User Interface, lately is being called UX which refers to User Experience.

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