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Getting ready for ACM ICPC 2007

Yes, I’m trying my best to practice for that coming compitition. I’m tired of losing all compititions I have been participating. From high school’s International Olympiad in Informatics 2002-2003 to International Computer Programming Contest 2006-2007. I always get bad results on the compitition.

I got few online judges and problem sets websites I’m practicing on. One of them is UVA online judge which has thousands of problems. The other one is USACO TRAINING PROGRAM GATEWAY. I bought a programming trainning book made especially for ICPC and IOI to train my self. I also downloded the Art of Programming Contest book from UVA website.

With all those facilities available on the giant web some people would says that it is enough to get a good rank or even the first place. However, I am sure that most of the competitors, if not all, are using almost the same facilities to train. Therefore, there should be other factors helps the compititors to get better. I think one of the factors and important factor is the support of the coach and professors in the intitution. Another factor is to provide a good environment to train us for the compitition.

In the other hand, in my university, Kuwait university, there is no support AT ALL. We didn’t have any training nor much interest from the head of the college. How do they expect us to win the compitition if they don’t even give us trainning or atleast make a team early enough to have time so the team will coordinate and do some trainning in their own, IN THEIR OWN…

In 2007 ICPC for the arab region, my university’s 2 teams participation was cancelled by the college or university administration just 1 week before we travel!. I don’t know the details, but that let us down and shows us how much NOT interested the administration are for us to praticipate in the compitition. But in last 3 days, 2 girls from the other team (thanks to them) payed a visit to the university’s president and explain the situation. The university’s president then did the required paper works to make the trip possible.

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