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Making phone program with flash

won before
 use Tel:

I have written this article before like 4 years ago in arabic and I won 2nd place on a compitition of best articles on the forum of http://www.ce4arab.com . the article was about making a phone call using flash on your pocket pc.

The idea was simple, you can make a phone call through internet explorer using Tel: NUMBER. For example, you want to call 33344422, simply you type on the internet explorer of your pocket pc “Tel: 33344422” and it will make the call. Well, I don’t know the command which will hang up the phone, but you can just press cancel when you placing a call. Anyone good enough in ActionScript will be able to do that without any trouble.

 To implement that on flash, first you have to make 10 buttons for number. Each time you click a button you add that number as a string to your variable, lets call that variable callNumber. For example when you click button five you add the character value 5 to your variable callNumber.

on (release) {
   _root.callNumber = callNumber + “5”;

You do that to all the number buttons. However, be sure to deal with the variable as string not as number which will do addition operation. We cannot use callNumber without defining the variable “callNumber”, we want to make it a timeline variable. To make it a timeline variable, go to the current frame and declare a variable with type String:

var callNumber:String = “”;

We gave it the initial value empty.

On the call button you add the string “Tel: ” and callNumber to your getURL command. Therefore, the call button actionscript will be as the following:

on (release)
   getURL(“Tel: ” + callNumber);

Simple isn’t it? I guess it is, or atleast so far.
We can add a digital LCD to the flash movie, so you can see what you are dialing like real pocket pc phone program. We add a dynamic text field to the stage and give it the var name “callNumber”. Its so simple and easy even for flash newbies.

The way to do it is simple and easy, but the idea that “Tel: number” on PPC internet explorer was unknown by most of you I’m guess. I can’t remember where I learned about the “Tel” command of the internet explorer.

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