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Project I have been working on.. Charting: part #1

I have been working on some projects lately for my classes and others for money. One of the project I was doing is a web based program for senior students project on Petruleom Engineering department. The goal of the program is to find how long the oil will last in Kuwait. In addition, the program should find the maximum production and the year of maximum production.

So far it seems easy, but the hard part is coming.. drawing the chart!. Okay, that sounds easy for me at the begining, but after thinking for awhile I realize that will consume time. I start by looking for an open source of a chart program. Searching for over 12hours for charting program on JAVA or ActionScript. All I can find are the ones you have to pay ALOT of money just to make one. Therefore, I decided to make the charting program from scratch.

Adobe Flash’s Actionscript 2 was the language I decided to use for the program. The reason is because I’m going to make the program a web based program which loads on a webpage and works there. Java was my second option because first I’m more experienced on ActionScript than Java, and second because I didn’t have much time to waste on a language I’m less experienced in since final exam was close.

The first kind of graph/chart needed is “scattered xy” with a linear regression line. Arrghh, looking for linear regression equation really exhausted me because I was using the wrong term when searching for it for many hours. I’ll take about it in details in coming posts.

The second kind of the chart is scattered xy with nonlinear regression curve. But I won’t figure out this curve’s equation, I’ll just use the given data to draw the curve. Its almost the same as the first graph idea in coding, just needed to include few more stuffs.

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