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Soocial – Sync All Your Address Books!

I’ve been looking for a good application to sync all my address books between my devices, email accounts and Outlook. Finally after testing many of similar contact sync applications I’ve settled on Soocial. Now my N95, Gmail (Android), Outlook and Hotmail are all in sync. Any changes happens on any of those services, it will automatically update all my connected contacts.

According to the website, it supports over 500 devices and services which makes it very appealing to use. It also get rid of duplicated contacts so I don’t have to worry about my address book getting messy. The only annoying service to be used with Soocial is Live because you’ll have to reauthorize your Live account to be integrated with Soocial every month. Duh!

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  1. Majed
    November 8th, 2009 at 16:39 | #1

    Only if social supports calendar syncing… only if.

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