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Top Tech Stories of the Week – June 16th, 2024

  • Voyager 1 is back online! NASA’s most distant spacecraft returns data from all 4 instruments – Space | Link
  • U.S. sues Adobe over subscription plan disclosures – CNBC | Link
  • Nvidia beats Microsoft to become world’s most valuable company – BBC | Link
  • Nvidia to launch in Middle East amid U.S. curbs on AI exports to region, Ooredoo CEO says – Reuters | Link
  • France, China launch satellite in attempt to explore the universe – Space News – Al Jazeera | Link
  • China’s rock samples from the far side of the Moon have returned to Earth – Engadget | Link
  • Florida family files claim with NASA after ISS space junk crashes into home – Space | Link
  • Microsoft Gets Charged by EU for Violating Antitrust Regulations – Tech Report | Link
  • EU Forces iPhones to Make It Easier to Remove Batteries – Tech Report | Link
  • Japan’s government finally says goodbye to floppy disks – BBC | Link
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