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Top Tech Stories of the Week – March 3rd, 2019

  • Feds investigate why a Tesla crashed into a truck Friday, killing driver | Ars Technica | Link
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency shares a video of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft touched down on asteroid Ryugu to collect samples for scientists back home | Link
  • Google’s Edge TPU Machine Learning Chip Debuts in Raspberry Pi-Like Dev Board | Link
  • Amazon to close all of its 87 pop-up stores in the US beginning in April | Link
  • China’s Huawei sues the US, claiming it shouldn’t be blocked from selling to federal government | Link
  • NASA captures ‘first’ images of supersonic shockwaves colliding in flight | Link
  • Airbnb Gobbles Up Last-Minute Booking Service HotelTonight | Link
  • Tesla Investors Are Suing Over Elon Musk’s Bad Tweets | Link
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