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2007 in Review – Part 1

The holiday season for most countries all over the world for Christmas and New Year has started and the blogosphere are starting to post 2007’s reviews. Here, in Kuwait University or Kuwait in general, we only have a holiday for Eid ul-Adhu which has ended (New Year 1 day holiday on the way) but since my lovely readers are from all over the world with different cultural background I’m going to take this chance to write the overall year preview.

Lots of stuff happened in 2007 the “Social Network” year as being called in the blogosphere and techies geeks. From the release of Vista, Leopard, iPhone, Java 6, Ruby on Rails 2, SilverLight and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to the rumors of Google. In fact, Google has taken lots of attention with the introduction of Google’s Andriod OS for mobile devices after the rumors of GPhone. I’ve also noticed the use of acronym CMS from Content Management System to Community Management System in my feed. Amazing strides has been taken in technology in 2007 and we are one step closer to Starwars era.

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