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AppJet, An Online IDE For Web Developers

AppJet, a new online IDE for developing client or server sided web applications. The IDE supports syntax highlighting, editing, reviewing, and publishing the code within the web browser.

More and more web-based applications are appearing in the market nowadays. One of the greatest is Buzzword, an online word processing program acquired lately by Adobe. Also, Bungee Labs, a beautiful on-demand web based application to develope web applications for free for non-commercial projects.

So there is a web gravity to mobilize computer applications and webitize it. Hmmmm, formula for web gravity = (Web Constant) X (2007) / (Windows + Mac) – (Flash + Ajax)^2 !!!

Warning: Spoiler!
Problem 1: A nerdy web developer is attempting to create an application. He is considering two platform options to work on. One of these options is making the application a web based application. He decided the Windows factor will be 1.3 and Mac to be 1.1, however, the Flash factor is 2.875 and Ajax factor is 3.2. Answer the followings:
a) What is the web gravity value?
b) Should he invest his application on the web?

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