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New Chart API From Google

Google announced the release of a new charting API that can be easily embedded within a webpage using the <IMG> HTML tag. You send the parameter for charting specification using HTTP request, and then Google will return the chart as a PNG images. Currently, Google provides these following charts:
• Line chart
• Scatter plot
• Bar chart
• Venn diagram
• Pie chart

To illisturate how easy it is to embed a chart to a webpage, here is an example taken from Google Chart faq:

<img src="http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?
alt="Sample chart" />

The boundary of web applications is over and we are now pushing forward to the next killer applications era. More and more mash-ups applications are lighten up with new unpredictable features provided for free. Google is taking the upper hand to cast aside old convention of web design and use ready-on-the-shelf professional web applications.

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