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Go Google it in Your Phone! The Era of GPhone…

According to The Wall Street Journal, google will announce their intention regarding the bidding for the 700MHz spectrum.

As the world mobile phone subscription approaches 3.3 billion subscribers (1 of every 2 earthling), there is nothing strange for google to get involve in these kinds of mobile market. The Andriod mobile OS announced by google was a first step for google to deepen their touch in the market. It’s also a good way for google, the advertisement freak, to publish their ads in mobile phones. The web is momentum games were the company who dominates people’s devices will revenue billions of dollars if not trillions.

Android + spectrum = GPhone network! I think that might actually work. Hmmm should I get an iPhone or wait to see what happens with Google?!

UPDATE: Google confirms its intent to big for the 700MHz spectrum auctioned by US FCC.

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